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World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Arthas Menethil Beast Kingdom Dynamic Action Heroes

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Release Date: October 2020

The Lich King, also known as Arthas Menethil is a man with immense strength and might, unlike any seen before! The Lich King and the Death Knight army initiated the grand plan to assault Azeroth, the world where the majority of The Warcraft series is set. Now, under threat by the most dangerous enemies it has ever faced, the Lich King and the armies of the undead charge their way through this majestic land. Only the strongest champions can survive! Are your heroes ready to take on the might of the Lich King in this time of terror?

The Entertainment Experience brand, Beast Kingdom’s D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) range is a live action scale series at 1/9 that takes articulable figures to the next level.

The World of Warcraft’s classic character: Lich King is a highly detailed, articulable figure that does not skimp on the fine details. With 26 points of articulation, and the use of real materials such as fake fur and hair, it is unlike any video game based, 1/9 scaled figure before. Adding to the use of real materials, the fine reproduction of cloth tights, ultra-fine chain mail and built-in wiring under a cloth cloak gives collectors a perfect setup for posing! Accessories include four replaceable hands, and the mighty ‘Frostmourne’ sword. Make sure the evil, yet mighty Lich King is added to your collection of Beast Kingdom, World of Warcraft heroes today and recreate the big battle for Azeroth on a desk near you!

Special Features:

·         Newly developed DAH body frame, with 26 articulable points throughout

·         Realistic wool material presents details of the Lich King hair and boots

·         Highly detailed body suite, with the inner black chainmail made of cloth material

·         Four pairs of replaceable hands, including: (fist, gripping hands, slightly open hands, fully opened hands)

·         Eye with luminescence function (LR-41 X 3 batteries)

·         Accessories: Frostmourne sword

·         Figure specific base and bracket