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Transformers TCG War for Cybertron Siege 2 Wave 4 Booster Box

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Stock arriving March 2021

Contains 30 Booster Packs per Box.

The War for Cybertron Rages On!

As the battle reaches its crescendo in WAR FOR CYBERTRON: SIEGE II, the Autobots and Decepticons turn to desperate means to secure victory.

The Decepticons wake their most dangerous weapon...the mighty Titan, TRYPTICON!

In addition to 30 WAR FOR CYBERTRON SIEGE II booster packs, this box contains a special TRYPTICON pack with one Titan-sized TRYPTICON Character Card and three large Character Cards as his minions: BRUNT, FULLTILT, and WIPE-OUT!

TRYPTICON is the Decepticon’s pinnacle—an unstoppable engine of destruction. Will he turn the tide or will the Autobots defend their home?

Battle to save Cybertron as the Autobots or conquer it as the Decepticons. The unique Character Cards can help you turn the tide for your chosen side!

  • Each War for cyberton: Siege II sealed booster display box includes 30 booster packs and a trypticon pack.
  • The trypticon pack contains one titan-sized trypticon character card and three large character cards as his minions: brunt, full-tilt, and wipe-out!
  • With 6 battle cards in each of the 30 booster packs, you'll have all the equipment you need to lead your side to victory.
  • Convert! You can flip most Transformers characters cards from Bot mode to Alt Mode and backand one side of each character card is foil!
  • In Transformers TCG, Players build a team of Transformers character cards and a deck of battle cards, and then jump into battle!