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Justice League (2017) - The Flash Play Arts Kai Action Figure

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The motion picture Justice League assembles various characters from DC , with Batman heading up the team. One of the members of this dynamic group, “The Fastest Man Alive”, is now available in a Play Arts Kai Flash action figure!

The sculpt of this Play Arts Kai Flash figure recreates the latest version of his costume, as it is introduced in the movie, down to the smallest detail. The paint application creates a clear distinction between gloss and matte textures, while the color scheme pursues the highest fidelity possible. The overall finish exerts a sense of presence that truly packs a punch!

At the same time, the Justice League Flash action figure allows for a wide range of motions, enabling various poses from the movie. Enthusiasts, who enjoy the true essence of action figures, will be delighted by this high quality Play Arts Kai!