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Iron Studios The Lord of the Rings - Gandalf 1/10 Scale Statue

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Next to his allies, members of the group called “The Fellowship of the Ring”, the ancient wizard cornered in Balin’s Tomb in the Mines of Moria gets ready for the imminent combat against a legion of Orcs, alongside a dangerous Cave-troll, that aims to attack and destroy them. Wielding his staff in his left hand and his elven sword Glamdring in his right hand, Iron Studios present the statue "Gandalf BDS - The Lord of the Rings - Art Scale 1/10", produced meticulously faithful to the face features of the English actor Ian McKellen, and having the textures and details from his costume and accessories just like they were presented in the emblematic battle scene from the movie "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring". Over a pedestal of the petrified soil of the Mines of Moria, this statue is part of a diorama set that replicates one of the most memorable moments from the first movie derivative from the literary work of J. R. R. Tolkien by director Peter Jackson.

Focused on the mission to fight the Dark Lord Sauron and destroy his “One Ring”, a protagonist from Tolkien’s novels, Gandalf the Grey is a wizard of the Istari order and leader of the Fellowship of the Ring. He came from West of Middle-earth in the Third Age to fight Sauron. In “The Hobbit”, alongside Bilbo, Gandalf followed the dwarf named Thorin Oakenshield on the mission to reclaim the old dwarven kingdom in the Lonely Mountain. Later he became a founding member of the Fellowship of the Ring, a support group for the Hobbit Frodo’s journey to destroy the “One Ring” and defeat the Dark Lord. In the Mines of Moria, he faced the Orc attack together with the other members of his group.