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Iron Studios Swordsman Orc BDS Art Scale 1/10 – Lord of the Rings

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A cruel and vile race, the Orcs of the Dark Mountains would invade Moria’s dwarf kingdom after the release of the monster Balrog. Having slaughtered all the Dwarves a long time ago, the ruthless Orc, wielding a rustic sword alongside his brothers, chases the Fellowship of the Ring through the Moria Mines. A hideous creature with green skin and black hair that originated from Elves who were tortured and transformed by the first dark lord Morgoth. With a diorama base inspired by the floor of the Moria catacombs, Iron Studios presents its “Swordsman Orc BDS Statue – Lord of the Rings – Art Scale 1/10 – Iron Studios”.

In “The Fellowship of the Ring”, the first movie in the trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings”, by director Peter Jackson, to arrive at a volcano in Mordor, a region dominated by Sauron’s evil, on a mission to destroy “One Ring”, a creature’s power artifact, the group of protagonist heroes must cross Minas Moria, a vast network of tunnels, chambers, and halls, built below and through the Dark Mountains, which in the past was home to the race of Dwarves, and is now completely dominated by Orcs. Upon reaching Balin’s Tomb, a white marble mausoleum of the old dwarf King, the Hobbit Pippin drops a bucket into the crevices of a well, awakening a group of Orcs, who attack the cornered group.

Iron Studios replicates in detail the battle scenario described above in a diorama designed with attention to every detail, which will bring members of The Fellowship of the Ring against the Orcs and the monstrous Cave Troll, in one of the most striking action moments of the first movies of the trilogy, based on the iconic literary work created by JRR Tolkien. Available separately, join the three Orcs in your collection next to the Cave Troll Deluxe statue from Iron Studios to compose the forces of evil in Moria.

Swordsman Orc BDS Art Scale 1/10 – Lord of the Rings

License: Lord of the Rings

Scale: 1/10

– Limited edition
– Based on original movie references
– Made in polystone
– Hand painted
– This statue is part of a battle diorama based on The Fellowship of the Ring movie

Product dimensions: 6.2 in (H) x 6.6 in (W) x 5.1 in (L)