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Hot Toys Batman Forever - Riddler & Two-Face Cosbaby Set

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"Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big, black bat?"

Batman and Robin at back at it again to defend Gotham City from the diabolical duo, Two-Face and The Riddler, who are threatening the citizens of Gotham with a sinister brain-draining device.

Inspired by Batman Forever, the dynamic duo and the terrible two have been recreated for these Collectible Sets, each featuring two figures designed in the cute Cosbaby style with a rotatable head and standing between 9.5-11.5cm tall on a specially designed base.

This two-pack features The Riddler & Two-Face, with The Riddler in his green onesie and wielding his golden question mark cane to help with the brain-teasing, while Two-Face is dressed in his iconic split suit with one side being that of Harvey Dent and the other his sinister side as he flips a coin to determine which side wins.

Don't let the big, black bat get in the way of your brain-draining schemes, add the The Riddler & Two-Face Cosbaby (S) Hot Toys Figure Collectible Set (Set of 2) to your collection.