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Emma Frost BDS Art Scale 1/10 Scale by Iron Studios

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Release Date: June 2021

Imposing and sensual, Emma Frost, also known as \”White Queen\”, walks among the rubble of the demolished Mansion X and pieces of scrap from a Sentinel\’s head, concentrated with her mental powers focused on overcoming her enemies. Endowed with great telepathic powers and the ability to transform her body into a diamond shape, she emerged as a villain during one of the most iconic X-Men stories ever made: The Dark Phoenix Saga, as a member of the Hellfire Club, a secret criminal society of mutant aristocrats. Subsequently, the Generation X group was formed alongside the X-Man Banshee, and later became a member of the X-Men.

Emma Frost BDS Art Scale 1/10 – Marvel Comics

License: Marvel Comics

Scale: BDS Art Scale 1/10

– Limited edition
– Made in polystone
– Hand painted

Product dimensions: 8.2 in (H) x 5.5 in (W) x 6.6 in (L)

Product Weight: 0.8 lbs