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Beast Kingdom Master Craft Mickey Mouse Fantasia the Sorcerers Apprentice

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Release Date: June 2021

Fantasia, “The Sorcerer’s  Apprentice” released in 1940, is a wondrous movie that perfectly combines music and animation. The star of the movie Mickey, an apprentice magician is on a quest to save his realm from the many creatures lurking within. A vivid story with cutting edge animation for the time, Fantasia is still fondly remembered as one of the most heartwarming Disney movies of all time.  

Beast Kingdom, ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’ proudly presents the latest high-end ‘Master Craft’ piece, The MC-035 Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We see here our adorable Mickey riding a magical book after the mishaps of our naughty broom causes flooding. 

A painted statue, combined with real fabric for the clothing is presented for fans looking for the very best in high quality collectables. As an added bonus, a 15cm magical broom is included as an accessory to really make the scene pop to life. 

So why not take Mickey for a magical ride across the cosmos this season and bring home a little bit of wonder today!

Special Features:

  • Use of real fabric for the clothing (not removable) 
  • Accessories:Included DAH-041DX Disney Classic Mickey Fantasia Deluxe Edition Magical Broom, at around 15cm in height