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Beast Kingdom D Stage Avengers Endgame Iron Man Mark 85

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Estimated Release Date: May 2022

Beast Kingdoms Entertainment Experience Brand takes fans of the Avengers back to the very last stand against Thanos with the release of two Endgame themed D-Stage dioramas to collect and cherish, with two of the most celebrated characters ready to be displayed in 360-degree glory on a desk near you!

Diorama Stage-081-Avengers: Endgame-Mk85

When Thanos wipes half of all living creates in the universe, the remaining Avengers band together for a trip across time to bring back their friends for one last stand against the mad titan!

With the final battle nearly lost, Iron-Man manages to snap all Infinity-Stones in one final act of bravery taking the task of reversing the damage caused by Thanos upon himself.

In the now famous pose, Iron-Man in his Mark-85 suit is seen kneeling on the ground, ready to snap his fingers. With all Infinity-Stones in place, the electric current of a thousand stars courses through Tonys human body, causing cracks in his armor. Accurately re-creating this famous scene the D-Stage-081 matches Tony Stark with a detailed 3D backdrop including a fallen Avengers logo. With his final words of I Am Iron Man uttered, the last ever sacrifice from Iron Man was delivered and movie magic was made!

**DS-081 and DS-082 can be combined to reproduce the movie scene. **

Material: ABS, PVC Product Measurements: 6 inch Approx. 15-16cm