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Battle Spirits Saga Card Game Set 04 Aquatic Invaders Booster Display [BSS04]

by Bandai

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Battle Spirits Saga Card Game Set 04 Savior of Chaos Booster Display [BSS04] will contain the first appearance of powerful Double Symbol Spirits. Starting with Nova, each colour will have Spirits return strengthened.  But that's not all.  This release includes a collaboration with Evangelion!

Nova returns with two symbols!

Double Symbol Spirits have not 1 but 2 symbols in the lower right corner. In addition to the potential of lower the cost 2 portions, a Double Symbol Spirit also has the potential to reduce the life an opponent by 2 with 1 attack making it extremely powerful! There will be Double Symbol Spirits from each colour in addition to Nova included in the lineup!

Huge increase in the number of SPR / SAGA Rare card types

It will have 18 types of SPR cards, 2 types of SAGA Rare cards, making it double for these types from the previous boosters! The lineup will also include many cards with crisp illustrations, which increases the collectability!

An alt-art card featuring the illustrator’s autograph will be included a BOX topper

Some of the R cards from this release will get special processing and feature the illustrator’s autograph. 1 of these alt-art cards will be included as a BOX topper!

Evangelion has been a popular request for collaboration, so there is a total of 24 types of Evangelion collaboration cards in the lineup

This time collaboration cards will come in Collaboration X Rare and Collaboration Rare:

  • For the Collaboration X Rare a total of 6 cards, 1 card from each colour, are being chosen from BSS04’s X Rare card types and turned into special editions with Evangelion illustrations and included in the lineup.
  • The 18 types of Collaboration Rare cards are chosen from BSS04’s C, UC, and R cards, 3 from each colour, and included in the lineup. This change allows customers to get collaboration cards with a smaller number of purchases than before.

Special token cards featuring an Evangelion illustration are included as a BOX topper

The White, Green, and Blue token cards included in BSS03 or earlier boosters are made into Evangelion ver.! Even the design for the token card back which can be used as a core will get a special Evangelion ver.!