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Pre-order Information

What are pre-orders?

When manufacturers license new designs, they give distributors the first chance to purchase the items. Pre-ordering is often the only way to purchase these products as they are limited runs and will not be available again.

How long do pre-ordered items take to arrive?

The manufacturer gives us an estimated release date which we list on all DX Collectables product pages. However, delays can arise for many reasons such as transportation, import processing, manufacturing, allocation, cancellation, and other unforeseen circumstances. We update these dates as soon as we receive any notifications about delays from the manufacturer.

Pre-order cancellations & refunds

You may cancel or update your pre-order anytime prior to the release date. Cancelled orders will be given full refunds unless stated otherwise prior to ordering. Please contact us at for any requests. Once the order has entered the fulfillment process or has been shipped orders can no longer be cancelled.

Cancellation of a pre-order

On rare occasions, the demand for a specific collectable might fall well below the manufacturer’s expectations.  When this happens, the manufacturer will usually notify us that they will not be producing the item. Unfortunately, that forces us to cancel the order.  Please rest assured that we will provide a full refund if this unlikely situation arises.

Be the first to find the right location of the buildings in the City! 

1-4 Players  |  45+ Mins  |  Ages 12+

Features: Deduction

Theme: Puzzle

A City in the mountains was discovered but no one dares to venture without having mapped the place... Here is finally a mission for you, Archaeologist with implacable logic.

ArcheOlogic is a competitive deduction game whose goal is to first find the exact location of the buildings of the City.
To help you? An Archeoscope, the only research instrument capable of reading the coded cards left by the Ancients.
Ask the Archeoscope your questions by adjusting its cogs, note the precious answers, and replace the buildings on your plan.
Think carefully, some questions will take more time than others, but maybe their answer will make you win the game.

In ArcheOlogic, you do not play in a specific order. It is your turn to play when your pawn is in the last position on the Time track of the central board.

Determine the question you want to ask the Archeoscope and move your pawn forward on the Time track as many positions as the total cost of the question.

Ask the Archeoscope the right questions 

You can ask a question about:

  • Buildings (how many cells of the square are there on axis 3?)
  • Traps (what are the traps present on axis A?)
  • Empty Zones (how much empty zones are there on the C axis?).

Set the Archeoscope by turning its cogs to the chosen question, take the coded card, place it below and read the answer given.

As the game progresses, and depending on the answers collected, replace the Buildings on your Map.

If, at the beginning of your turn, you think you have found the exact layout of the Buildings on the Map, move your Time token forward 4 positions.

Check your answer on the online application OR on the rulebook. If correct, you have won! If you failed and are playing with the app, continue as normal. If you play with the rulebook, you are immediately eliminated.