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Yes, Tamagotchi is better than ever in 2021 - DX Collectables

Yes, Tamagotchi is better than ever in 2021

By Harrison Chapman

Maybe you are like me and remember the 1997 - early 2000s Tamagotchi explosion where every single person at school was looking after these bizarre yet adorable virtual pets during recess. Wow we were really living in the future. Sometimes I get sad thinking about the amount of Tamagotchi that died due to negligence, I know I was certainly guilty of this.

But maybe you had forgotten about Tamagotchi, or maybe you don’t live under a rock and are very well aware of the extremely popular and very much alive Tamagotchi collecting market. Either way, I am here to show you some of the best Tamagotchi available to us in 2021.


What better place to start then with the OG, back with all its original programming. Maybe you are after a rush of nostalgia or maybe you just want them because let us face it, they look cool and are house countless hours of entertainment. Whatever your reason, this range of original Tamagotchi (original retro design included) is a perfect way to begin or top off your collection. There are four separate designs to choose from and all the classic features such as feeding it, giving it medicine, and playing games to boost its happiness are back for you to enjoy. Oh, and I can’t forget perhaps the most important feature, the keyring chain is included.


Wow are you kidding me, you can really get an Eva as your Tamagotchi. This is one of the greatest crossovers I might have ever witnessed, and you should be as excited about owning one of these as I am. Now if you have not seen Evangelion the following may just seem like complete nonsense. So please go and watch it, for your sake and mine. EVATCHI is just like a regular Tamagotchi. Except its not, its an Evangelion angel. And you are in charge of taking this tiny EVA egg around with you and raising it from embryo to angel. The egg is specially designed to prevent it from breaking out and destroying whichever city you are in so do not worry. The cool thing about this Tamagotchi is depending on how you raise it there are up to 20 different potential angel types it may transform into. Along the way you will have to train it in Target switch and Battle Practice, as well as feed it watermelon and clean the L.C.L when it gets corrupt.
This is absolutely one for the anime fans out there.


If you find the single parent responsibilities of raising a Tamagotchi to be to much handle, then you have nothing more to worry about. Who better to help you protect and nurture your Tamagotchi then everyone’s favourite 8bit hero Pacman? There are two cool retro style designs to choose from, each containing your classic Tamagotchi features with a Pacman twist. These include feeding your pet Pacs Favourite cherries or calling Pacman in to save your Tamagotchi when the ghosts invade! Two Pacman themed minigames also featured. Another must have crossover for any collector!


From one of the most hyped series in recent anime history comes the Demon Slayer themed Tamagotchi! Just when you thought the Tamagotchi crossovers could not get any better. Raise your Demon Slayer into Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke or one of the 9 Hashira depending on how you train them. Includes three different training mini games which will no doubt please fans of the anime, cut the big rock, break the hyoutan and pour hot medicine. If your slayer is neglected, then he will sustain injury and if you don’t treat it, the Kakushi will come to take your dead slayer away ☹. To top it all off the design matches the signature orange and yellow of perhaps the most stylish slayer Zenitsu! I guess this is kind of like Tanjiro carrying around Nezuko in a box on his back, except you are carrying around tiny demon slayers in an egg in your pocket. How could you say no?

Well, if you didn’t know that some of the best and rarest Tamagotchi’s of all time are readily available to you in 2021, now you do. These are a collector’s dream come true and I for one am very excited to see what else is to come. Fingers crossed for an attack on titan edition...

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