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Top 5 Best (and Most Adorable) Nendoroid Figures to Own in 2021 - DX Collectables

Top 5 Best (and Most Adorable) Nendoroid Figures to Own in 2021

by Harrison Chapman

Being a collector can not only be hard work for your bank account. But I think we can all agree that trying to decide which figure takes priority over the other can be a time consuming and frankly stressful process. So today we are going to help you out. We have complied a list of the top 5 best (and most adorable) Nendoroid figures you should be adding to your collection in 2021!


First off if you haven’t seen Zac Snyder’s Justice league… then what are you doing? Go and watch it.

And then come back and try to resist adding this hero’s edition Nendoroid of ‘Aquaman’ to your collection. I can’t say the word cute has ever come to mind when looking at 6 ft 5, 218 Lbs Jason Mamoa, but this shrunken down Aquaman ticks all the boxes when it comes to everything, we love about the Nendoroid range.

The figure comes with two face plates, angry and happy. So, you can change it depending on your mood for the day. It features a highly articulated double-jointed neck making poses of your choice very easy. And last but not least the signature golden trident. Because what would aqua man be without his trident? Not to mention additional water effect plates for extra variety.

And well “...If That’s Not Good Enough…Then Screw You.” -Aquaman.


If you’re a fan of anime and manga in 2021 then you almost have to be a fan of Demon Slayer. And if you are a collector on top of that, then adding figures from Demon Slayer to your collection should be at the top of your list!

What better way to do it then with Sabito? Because where would Tanjiro be without him. Sabito comes with two face plates, one being his signature fox mask and the other a smile, the very same smile that can be seen during that scene where Tanjiro finally beats him (try not to cry). He also comes with both his wooden training sword and his actual one.

This is a must have figure for anime fans!!


If you haven’t seen the show or read the manga, you might be wondering what on earth a Gyoza fairy is? Well, I wish I could tell you but that is all part of the chaos that is… DOROHEDORO.

Dorohedoro is one of those series which might not be extremely well known but has a very dedicated and cult fan base, after all the manga was originally published in 1999. However, it was only last year that the long-awaited anime was released on Netflix and I could not think of a better way to describe it then a ‘psychedelic masterpiece.’ And guess what? Season 2 is coming out in 2021 so what better time to get yourself this albeit bizarre yet completely awesome Gyoza Fairy.

It comes with an interchangeable body if you fancy seeing its insides… A shisho leaf cape and a toothpick. Which might end up sticking out of you if it doesn’t like you. Oh, and it will also make all your gyoza taste delicious!!!


If you’re like the rest of us and need that extra bit of motivation to start your day, then look no further.

“100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!” -Saitama

I’m sure nobody would argue that one punch man will go down as one of the most iconic series in recent memory. That is why this Nendoroid Saitama in all its bald, shiny glory is the perfect new addition to your collection. You can pose him with a serious expression about to land one his legendary punch’s or if you prefer a more leisurely stroll home from the supermarket, groceries are included!
Guaranteed to be the most powerful figure you own.


There are perhaps no top 5 lists in the history of anime discourse that don’t in some capacity include Naruto. That means that no collection is complete without this Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden) Nendoroid.

One of the things that makes this figure special is its unique stand, which can pose this ultimate ninja in ways which most other figures could only dream of! The included Rasenshuriken also comes with its own special stand that can make it appear to float up in the air. Naruto will also come with 3 separate facial expressions. 3 different parts for each arm and hand. As well as 2 separate parts for each leg. And if you thought you couldn’t show off Naruto’s powers any further, display the whole thing in front of the included Kurama (nine tailed fox) graphic sheet.

This extremely dynamic make is exactly the type of figure needed to do the world’s number one Hyperactive Knuckleheaded ninja justice!

That is what makes this Nedoroid the number 1 best (and most adorable) figure to own in 2021.

You can find each of these figures as well as many more in the Nendoroid collection.

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