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The Ultimate Superhero S.H.FIGUARTS Must Haves For Your Collection - DX Collectables

The Ultimate Superhero S.H.FIGUARTS Must Haves For Your Collection

By Harrison Chapman

Maybe you thought after Avenger’s Endgame the hype and production of superhero movies and merchandise was destined to slow down? Well, you were wrong.

If you are a DC head, you have probably been enjoying the 4-hour epic cut of Snyder's justice league or hyping yourself for the Suicide squad reboot. Or maybe you have been enjoying the new wave of high budget marvel television with Wandavision as well as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. It is apparent that Superhero fandom in all its glory is alive and well in 2021.

So, with the countless superhero figurines available for collectors, how does one choose which to buy? Well, that is what I am here for, I have complied a list of the must haves in the S.H.FIGUARTS range for any collector who calls themselves a superhero fan.


The superhero of all superheros. I mean just look at that cape?

Perhaps no collection is complete without the man of steel staring down at you from your top shelf ready to save you from whatever it is you need saving from.

This handsome figure is equipped with two replacement wrists, clenched fists, or open hands. As well as a replacement head including his signature glowing red eyes ready to fire lasers. Although I can’t help but think that Homelander from the FX show ‘The Boys’ has somewhat tainted this ability for me (google it if you don’t understand the reference).

The dynamic torso and arms make for a variety of potential poses. To top it all off the red velvet cape flows perfectly from all positions making it extra cinematic. If you collect superheros, then at the end of the day you need yourself a superman.


I think that Black Panther probably has one of the coolest looking outfits in superhero cinematic history. Brilliantly played by the late Chadwick Boseman Black panthers’ cinematic debut was probably one of the most exciting and hyped in recent memory. That is why this slick figurine is a must have for any collector. This figure comes with three option hand (claw?) parts and two interchangeable heads. Also included are Tamashii rock effects for extra immersion.

The dynamic body makes it easy to put the panthers speed and power on full display and the detailed, textured suit gives that extra sense of realism. I mean just look at those abs.


“Are You Thor, The God Of Hammers?”

From probably the most hilarious of the Marvel films comes Thor, Ragnarök edition. The films psychedelic, space operatic style is captured fully in this rare version of Thor equipped with gladiator armour and dual swords. From the iconic Hulk vs Thor fight scene this figure is not one to pass up. He is extremely dynamic making for an array of cool potential poses and it even comes with Thor’s signature thunderbolt effect for that extra heroicness.

This stylish one-of-a-kind Avenger will elevate any Marvel fans collection to the next level. Or maybe you just want a 6-inch-tall Chris Hemsworth on your shelf.


From what must be one of the most unique and ambitious blends of styles in recent comic book history. If you are yet to see Ninja Batman this is a must watch for all superhero and anime fans alike. This Joker figurine perfectly captures the chaotic surrealness of a Batman story transported to Feudal Japan.

The figure comes with two fans and of course a Katana with scabbard. Four Optional handsets are available as well as an interchangeable head if you are feeling extra expressive (surprise surprise they’re both evil smiles).

Here we have the most iconic villain of all time in extravagant feudal Japanese attire, this figure is a rare dream come true for DC fans everywhere and a must have for any collector.


There is no Joker without Batman. So that means there is also no Ninja Joker without Ninja Batman. The two go together like yin and yang, it would be a sin for me to suggest a Joker figure without following it up with the ninja dark knight himself.

This one-of-a-kind figure sees the Bat reimagined in the full Samurai get up, sword and Kunai battarangs included of course. Also comes with multiple hands and facial expressions for maximum pose ability. The gold plated Karuta (fancy word for samurai armour) make this perhaps one of the most unique Batman models we have seen in the history of the caped crusader. This is absolutely not one to miss out on, I know where my next pay-check is going.

So there you have it! The ultimate Superhero S.H.FIGUARTS must haves for your collection! All of these awesome figures are available at

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